Its Only A Game, bronze Its Only A Game, bronze Its Only A Game, bronze

• 2008 • Bronze • Tint – brown • Height 16”, Length 12”, Width 12” • 26 lbs •

Series of 12

Price upon request

 Consideration of life’s greater meaning through the merger of a golf ball and our planet in a grand scale symbolic hand.


Really, bronze Really, bronze Really, bronze

• 2017 • Bronze • Tint – green/black • Height 18”, Depth 9”, Width 8” • 15 lbs •

Series of 18

Price upon request

A whimsical observation on the passing scene.


Woman laying on her back Woman on Back Waterfall Statue

• 2007 • Bronze • Tint – green/black • Height 14”, Length 18”, Width 10” • 45 lbs •

Series of 18

Price upon request

Greek myth has it that Psyche, a mortal, was quite attractive by the standards of the time and, thus, aroused the jealousy of the goddess Aphrodite, wife of Zeus. One thing led to another and Aphrodite persuaded her son Eros, later known as Cupid, to pay Psyche a visit, and, by firing one of his arrows at her, cause her to fall in love with an ugly monster.

Aphrodite’s plans fell apart when Eros, upon sighting the fair Psyche, chose not to skewer her with one of his arrows but follow a different course of action. And so, the two fell in love, but, were not joined in marriage as many complications ensued.

Not the least of which, Aphrodite was now sorely miffed. Since she was a goddess, she chose to capture and imprison Psyche. In addition, Aphrodite sent Psyche on a series of journeys to perform tasks so difficult that something bad, she hoped, would befall her.

It was on one such journey, the search for “the water of youth”  that we find our heroine depicted. Here, Psyche has chosen to rest and refresh herself in the spray and mist from a mountain waterfall.


Cliff Statue

• 2012 • Bronze • Tint – green/black • Height 17” Width 15” Depth 10” • 35 lbs •

Series of 20

Price Upon Request

Contemplating the meaning of eternity, this little fellow called “Cliff ” is perched above the abyss of endless time. The piece now includes the cliff supporting him, but can be cast and offered separately.


Woman Standing Seabreeze Statue Seabreeze Statue

• 2011 • Bronze • Patina – Black/Green • Height 14” Width and Depth 9” • 7 lbs •

Series of 18

Price Upon Request

This sculpture represents something of our connection with the ocean and how the onshore breeze feels, possibly evoking a memories of one’s own interaction with the elements.



• 1984 • Bronze • Patina – Green/Black • Height 8” Length 14” Width 10” • 27 lbs •

Series of 18

Price Upon Request

In the fable fashioned to make the plodders among us feel a little better about ourselves, the “ slow and steady “ turtle (tortoise) won the day in a race against the clearly faster, but fatally cocky, rabbit (hare). The victory behind her, our winner is seen here showing a bit of attitude, ready to take on the next challenger.