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Geronimo1907 Statue

Photographs of some of my bronze sculpture are provided here. For each, a brief description, including dimensions, patina and completion date, is provided. Every piece is offered as part of a limited edition series and copies are numbered consecutively, as they are cast. The photographs included here are taken from the artist’s copy, which is not for sale, but copies will be virtually identical. In most cases there is not an inventory of copies on hand, so a buyer must await completion of the foundry’s casting of the new copy. The preparation time, usually 8- 10 weeks, will vary due to the foundry’s schedule, as well as presentation variables such as the type of mounting selected or the metal chosen for casting. The buyer may select a different patina, mounting or casting material than that used for the original copy, or ask that the original be replicated, as is.  Should the buyer wish to have a base or mounting, usually wood, marble or stone, that is not part of the casting itself, it can be easily arranged. This may be done using sources familiar to the artist or foundry, or using material obtained by the buyer, and the cost of each is separate from that of the cast sculpture.  Prices for each piece are set at the time of purchase and vary over time with casting costs and market circumstances. Payment terms are one half on order and the remainder upon completion. Buyers are responsible for paying Florida sales tax, if applicable, packaging and  shipping.





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About the Artist

Howard Geer Hudson

Howard HudsonHoward Geer Hudson began his art education at the Loomis School in Windsor, Connecticut. At Loomis he studied in the studio of noted sculptor Evelyn Longman Batchelder with  painter Sanford Low, who served for years as Director of the New Britain Museum of American Art. Upon graduation, he received the Loomis School Art Award.

A football player at Princeton, he studied for four years with the renowned sculptor, Joe Brown, a boxer turned artist, who he met in the school’s boxing program. Joe Brown is regarded by many as the pre-eminent sports sculptor of his time. He declined Professor Brown’s offer to remain at Princeton as his apprentice, but over the years continued his modeling education, with particular emphasis on human anatomy and figurative sculpture. 

After a stint as a professional ambulance driver, and then, Marine Corps reservist, he began a career in finance.  During this time his love of sculpture never left him and retirement from the bond market has afforded him the opportunity to devote full time to doing what he likes best.  
BlankHoward HudsonHe exclusively models in clay and casts in bronze. Much of his recent work has been cast at the Bronzart Foundry, located in Sarasota, Florida and can be seen on their website as well. His subjects are varied, but generally emphasize the human form. 

Figures engaged in vigorous activities are favorite subjects, so his work often involves athletics. “Capturing the energy of a situation and building in the anticipation of results is my objective. I am most gratified if I can evoke recognition of the message and a positive response from another person. ” 
Howard Hudson

His work has been shown in a variety of venues, including the annual “Art To The Avenue” show in Greenwich, CT, and the Lighthouse Art Center, in Jupiter Florida, where two of his bronzes, “Cliff” and “Warrior Game”, were awarded first place ribbons. A copy of “Warrior Game” is exhibited in Princeton’s lacrosse facility, called “the Cookie”, in honor of his friend, the all-American and lacrosse hall of fame member “Cookie” Krongard. A copy of the same piece was also selected as the annual MVP award for the lacrosse program at Bryant University, in Rhode Island, and is displayed in the lobby of their Chace athletic center.

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